The Newton County Central Dispatch Center is the Public Safety Answering Point for citizens and visitors of Newton County, Missouri, when they are in need of assistance from Police, Fire, or Emergency Medical Services in emergency and non-emergency situations. All public safety personnel are dispatched and tracked by Central Dispatch personnel.

Staff and Capabilities

The telecommunicators monitor and dispatch five law enforcement agencies, ten fire departments, and a county-wide ambulance service. CDC employs 18 full-time dispatchers (4 dispatch supervisors), one part-time dispatcher, two warrant clerks, and three office staff.  Dispatchers work rotating 12-hour shifts.

Newton County Central Dispatch (CDC) has six call-taking/dispatch consoles.  CDC answers and dispatches emergency and non-emergency calls.  CDC dispatches for the following:  Newton County Sheriff’s Office, Neosho Police Department, Crowder College Police Department, Neosho School Police Department, Seneca Police Department, Granby Police Department, Diamond Police Department, Fairview Police Department, Neosho Fire Department, Goodman Police Department, Seneca District Fire Department, Seneca City Fire Department, Redings Mill Fire Department, Diamond Fire Department, Pierce City Fire Department, Granby Fire Department, Midway Fire Department, Stella Fire Department, Newton County Ambulance District, Newton County Emergency Management, Newton County Coroner’s Office, and Newton County Juvenile Office.

CDC also handles all the warrants in the county as well as addressing in rural Newton County.

Newton County is 627 square miles of mostly rural area in southwest Missouri and has a population of 58,000. The Central Dispatch Center is located in the county seat of Neosho, which is the largest city in the county and has a population of over 12,000.

Purpose and Mission

It shall be the purpose and mission of the Central Dispatch Center to strive for the best response to and for calls for service in Newton County in a fast, efficient, and professional manner to assist the citizens of Newton County in protecting life and property, and to assist all Public Safety agencies in Newton County in carrying out their duties in the best manner possible.

Goals and Objectives

The goal of the Central Dispatch Center will be to handle all incoming calls, all radio traffic, and all computer-accessed information in an expedient manner while providing an important life and property-saving service to the citizens of Newton County. Methods of operation will strive to remain current, up-to-date, and timely.

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