Frequently Asked Questions

When can I call 911?
During an EMERGENCY. For non-emergency matters, call 417-451-8333.

What will the 911 call taker ask me?
Location of the incident, phone number the caller is calling from, and the reason a response is needed. The call taker will then need the caller to stay on the phone to answer questions to keep responders updated on the situation.

I am planning to build a new house and need a new address.
Contact our business office at 417-451-8295. Provide as much information as possible, including the addresses of your nearest neighbors and nearest crossroads. We will also need to know how far your new residence will be from the road and any special directions for reaching the residence.

I have purchased a piece of property. I am not planning to build a house there. Do I need a 9-1-1 address?
No, vacant properties are not assigned an address.

Once I get my new 911 address, what do I need to do?
Fill out an address change form with the Post Office. Address numbers on your home or at your driveway must be visible from the road; numerals minimum 3 inches tall on a contrasting background.

I own a business in Newton County. Is there a way to make sure that dispatch has emergency contacts and other information about the building and property?
Complete this PREMISE INFORMATION FORM and return it to us. Update it as necessary to ensure that we have the most current information.

I want to work at the Newton County Central Dispatch Center. How do I apply?
Applications can be picked up at the Central Dispatch office located in the former National Guard Armory at 308 N. Jefferson St., Neosho, MO. They can be filled out HERE.

What does the hiring process involve?
Once the application is turned in, it will be reviewed. Background checks will be conducted on approved applicants. Applicants that pass the background check will then be called in for an interview. Successful candidates will then be scheduled for testing. Those who pass the testing will then be scheduled for an oral board interview. The oral board will make a recommendation to the director; the applicant will then be asked to complete a truth verification test. Before beginning work, the applicant will need to pass a physical and drug screening at the employer's cost.

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